Saturday, July 11, 2015


Over a year. Huh. I thought I'd last posted this spring, not a year-and-change ago.

I've been playing a lot of Magic. My wife and son both play now, and we have friends over for Commander many Sunday afternoons. Other Sundays we have friends over for Last Night On Earth or Game of Thrones: The Board Game.  I've still never read a page of a GoT book, nor seen a minute of the show, and probably never will (I'm an outcast even among nerds), but the game is fun.

There's a gaming store in my town now, so we all play Friday Night Magic. I've also gotten to draft for my first (and second) time ever, and enjoyed it enough that I can foresee it becoming a real money sink, especially with the whole family participating.

My older PC, Levi, had become my son's over the last couple of years. Sadly, Levi suffered a power supply failure. The age of his other parts didn't make him a good candidate for a transplant, so we sent him away to live on a big farm where he's got lots of room to run and play with all the other computers. At least that's what I told my son.

Actually, Levi got hollowed out like a pumpkin in autumn and I bought the parts to build my most powerful PC yet: Intel i5 4590 quad-core processor, 12 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD. Video and sound integrated on the motherboard, which includes HDMI out, because my needs in those areas are modest. A 3 TB storage drive will be added as soon as I finish setting up the SSD to dual-boot Windows 7 and KXStudio. I hate to even include Windows, but it's still an occasionally necessary evil.

This has implications for my primary PC, Judah. The new arrival, to be dubbed Dan when construction is complete, will bump Judah to being my son's computer. Since Judah's been my filesharing machine for a few years now, I'm going to lose a lot of share ratio history when I start over. That's why I'm posting this update on my current ratios. Someday my grandchildren may read this and understand why I accomplished so little with my life. Anything with the same name as one of my old   share ratio posts is the same torrent, still seeding away. This is probably the end of the road for my seeding these, unless I get really ambitous about transferring data to Dan. Seems unlikely.

The Ken Ham / Bill Nye Creationism Debate   191.91 (!)(I guess some people want a copy for offline viewing.)
A symphonic orchestra sample / soundfont collection   95.87
World English Bible Audio Bible   86.49
AVLinux 6.01b                           62.40
Ubuntu Studio 13.04                62.21
Gentoo Live 20121221              29.14
AVLinux 6.04                           24.99
Paul McCartney 2013 concert   5.57
Deep Purple 2012 concert         4.79
Ubuntu Studio 14.04                 3.44
Ultimate Boot CD 5.33               1.47
Paul McCartney 2002 Concert DVD  0.94

Maybe I'll be back in less than a year this time. Ooh, cliffhanger ending!

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of my shoes on a hotel room floor. No, I don't know how colour balancing works, why do you ask?