Sunday, January 20, 2008

Test post

This is an initial test post, meant just to see how posting works. I would have deleted it afterward, but there's now a comment on it (yay!), so it stays. Keep reading up the page for more substantial stuff.

And welcome! Tell your friends! Make comments! Link! The more interest that's shown, the longer writing this stuff will keep my interest!


Anonymous said...

it is your God given right to remain anonaymonus,and i must say, i respect that, considering the content of your blog.from the content of what you have written, i can say that there is no doubt that you are very intelligent,well versed & have strong morals.And to all that i say,"way to go".i must say your writings are quite refreshing, considering what one normally finds within such venues.even though this is your first blog,i would encourage you to continue,as it seems like you have alot to say.thus in doing so, i believe you could teach those of us willing to keep an open mind,to stretch our thinking,and that in many ways we are alot alike,sharing a tiny part of the universe we call earth.i look forward to reading more from probably did not expect this type of comment,but rest assured, i did enjoy your thoughts.however, seeing this looks like the first response you are getting,i thought some words of encourgement would have you remain a blogger,unlike your lack of small attempt at a sense of humor. said...

So, can you tell if a comment is added to your blog months later?

Zirbert said...

Yes. Feel free to assume that I spend much of each day obsessive-compulsively poring over every post in my archives, hoping for new comments.

Or, I may have turned on an automatic notification system. Whichever theory you find funnier works for me.