Monday, July 7, 2008

Everything's Funny If You're Cynical Enough

The true part of this story is that a guy got tanked up and took a spin through a cemetery, tearing up the sod and generally making a mess.

A police investigation continues into an incident in which a car failed to stop at an intersection and ended up in a church cemetery.

Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the incident.

The car, a 1993 Mazda, was travelling east on McHardy Road in Millbank when it barreled through the T-junction where the road meets Route 11, flew through the air and ploughed into the All Saints Roman Catholic Church cemetery, clipping a headstone on the way.
Now for the made-up part.

Investigators are baffled by the incident. First responders reported no apparent injuries, but on closer examination by the police, twenty-six bodies have been found so far.

Even more puzzling to investigators, the medical examiner says that some of the victims appear to have died before the car even entered the cemetery.

Enough rambling. Here's another picture of a chain-link fence in closeup. In case you were wondering, I'm almost out of these.

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