Monday, May 5, 2008

If It's Monday This Must Be Mike Adams

The Internet provides me with three reasons not to hate Mondays. Three of my favourite online columnists usually put up their new weekly posts on Monday. Two are very geeky, one isn't really geeky at all.

For today, I'm going to talk about the non-geeky one (so any non-geek readers who may have inadvertently stumbled upon this blog won't leave just yet): Mike Adams puts up his column on Townhall on Mondays. I've mentioned Dr. Adams here before. Since he's a former left-wing atheist, he's particularly adept at destroying their arguments. I don't always agree with everything he says, of course, and I sometimes find him overly confrontational, especially when answering his "hate mail". Those columns are funny at the time, but I find they leave a bitter aftertaste.

Today's column, though, is a solid home run about self-defense and liberal hypocrisy. Without even bothering to stop and fully formulate it, Dr. Adams gives a terrific definition of hypocrisy while discussing leftist university professors:

That means the professors are hypocrites – not because they fail to live up to the things they say but because they do not even believe them in the first place.

That's a great definition. If I may take the liberty of drawing it out more explicitly:

Hypocrisy is not about failing to live up to the principles you proclaim - it is about proclaiming principles in which you do not really believe to begin with.

To put it another way, failing to live up to what you state as the ideal does not make you a hypocrite, it makes you a human being.

The comments on today's column are great, too. My favourite quotes I've read there (so far, at least):

I was awakened by sounds of a neighbors property being broken into. I confronted the person and a hand to hand broke out for my handgun. The individual was not able to take my handgun but did end up in the hospital with serious injuries and arrested. I got a lecture for the police for not dispatching the thief because he went for my weapon.

You gotta love that. The cops chastised this guy for *not* just shooting the criminal and getting it over with.

This next one is actually quoting someone else on yet another blog:

"I always carry a gun, because policemen are too heavy and almost impossible to conceal."

Every time some fascist left wing nutjob (but I repeat myself) screams about how I should be barred from protecting myself from another of his fascist left wing nutjobs, and should have my guns taken away, I've always responded that I'd give up my guns if he puts a big sign in his front yard saying "This is a gun free home."

maybe i could take out a pistol and examine it and say, 'hey criminal, you think this could kill you in one shot? cuz i think it can.'

I can't endorse the spelling, grammar and punctuation of that one, but I sure do like the sentiment.

There are other comments to that thread with which I completely disagree, and some that are obvious trolls, but they still give me something to think about and /or laugh at.

I'll talk about my other two reasons for liking Mondays in cyberspace another time. For now, I have to stop typing. My wife has offered me something better to do for the rest of the evening (see previous entry).

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of my ultra-sophisticated filing system for important papers. And an occasional glove.

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