Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Update - Illness, Injury, and Ezra Levant

It's been a hectic week, and I don't have the time or energy - well, energy - to write a proper entry for today. Just checking in.

My wife's grandmother died late last week. After the funeral, a small luncheon was held in the (Catholic) church hall. Our son noticed the bingo machine in the corner, then after I explained to him what it was and how it worked, spent most of the afternoon wandering around asking mourners when we could start up a game.

Soon thereafter, my wife's Dad was injured in a way that'll leave him laid up for several weeks. While I'd enjoy an excuse to spend some serious time on the couch, it'll drive him crazy. He's a very busy, very useful man. One of the old-school jacks-of-all-trades guys who can build or fix pretty much anything. This makes him my much-respected antithesis.

Then my wife got a nasty little stomach flu or similar. A couple of days of various unpleasantness that I won't describe further.

Just as she seemed to be fully recovering, I got a turn. Much, much milder - just an evening with a churning stomach. However, when I went to work today, I quickly discovered that I was useless. I felt OK, but couldn't focus or concentrate at all. It was nice to be reminded that my job is all about thinking. If I can't think well, I'm no good to them, so I came home after less than an hour. I went upstairs for a nap, and woke up six hours later feeling much more clear-headed.

In news that's not about the minutiae of my domestic life, Ezra Levant is being charged with another silly "hate crime", this time from a homosexual activist. Here are some notes from his true-to-form response:

Is that the new test? Something can promote hate, but if it also promotes debate, then it’s not hate speech? They’re making this stuff up as they go along, and it’s not hard to guess why: Rev. Boissoin was poor, powerless and easy prey for them. I’m a noisy troublemaker.

So let me publish the same illegal words again. And let me do it for a different reason.
I’m not publishing these words as part of any “debate”. I am publishing them for the express purpose of promoting contempt – contempt for Rob Wells, and contempt for his gophers at the Canadian Human Rights Commission.


I have contempt for them, and I wish to spread it to all of my fellow Canadians.

Jennifer Lynch: like most bullies, you are a coward who picks on penniless pastors like Rev. Boissoin. Why don't you come and get me?

The emphasis in that last one is from Levant' s original - I didn't add it.

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of my son trying to find the weak link in a security system.

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RebelAngel said...

I am going to go ahead and second your previous nomination of Ezra Levant as President of Anything.