Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apologies In Advance For The Image

I often wonder when (or whether) the concepts of self-control and personal responsibility enter the minds of pro-abortionists. A recent conference at the University of Massachusetts (gee, I never would have expected rampant leftism to come from there) provides a terrific example. It's truly amazing how some people render themselves resistant to parody by being such ludicrous buffoons on their own that it's hard to top the reality.

At the conference, one of the speakers (she has a name, but I'm not bothering with it. Many of her organization's victims never even get named.) "asked the commission to improve access to abortion. She said that lower-income women who are working and do not qualify for Medicare funding sometimes cannot afford abortions or contraception."

I have a solution to their problem. How much does it cost for a tube of Crazy Glue and a cork?

Another amusing point, from the tail end of the linked article: "The hearing at UMass was the only one scheduled this year in Western Massachusetts. After last year's hearing drew a small turnout, the Everywoman's Center asked the commission to repeat the event."

Translation: very few people cared enough about the lunacy pushed at the conference to show up, so the moonbats whined for a do-over. They got one, no doubt at university (read: public) expense. When no one cares about this one either, they'll probably whine for another. Why am I guessing that the conference organizers all supported Gore in 2000?

Thanks to the good folks at American Life League for reporting this story in one of their newsletters. When it comes to life issues, it's far more important to change minds than change laws. Pointing out the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the pro-abortion position is a good start.

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of the Winnie The Pooh starring vehicle Does It Float (closeup detail of front cover, number 2 in a series).

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