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Vile Racism From Planned Parenthood

I've made a couple of offhand remarks already about being pro-life. Time to get that issue way out into the open, since it'll probably become a major recurring theme around here.

I always intended that it would; the right topic just hadn't presented itself to open that door until today. (On a side note, I maintain a text file called "Blog Ideas" - one-line summaries of things to write about at some point. Lately it's been holding pretty steady at around 30 backlogged ideas. Plus whenever something new comes up, I write about that instead of dipping into the barrel. So, I have no shortage of topics to write about for the time being.)

This blog is really as much journal / autobiography as anything else. So, as usual, I'll start with some relatively brief background on my involvement with today's subject matter.

I didn't know what abortion was until I was around sixteen years old. I had seen the word, certainly - I distinctly remember it being mentioned in Stephen King's The Stand, and Watchmen. However, I hadn't given a second thought to what the word meant.

When I found out what it meant, I was appalled. However, I was comforted by my certainty that it must be extremely rare. I had great faith that the maternal instinct of women would prevent it from ever being done casually or becoming widespread. I thought it would be along the same lines as (any other) extreme child abuse. Certainly it happened in some dark corners, but would never be accepted by the mainstream.

Then I saw some statistics, and was appalled all over again. Horrified and sickened might actually be better words for my reaction. I was immediately gripped with a need to do whatever I could about this problem. I saw an ad for a meeting of a Right-to-Life group, and went. I was surprised to see that I was the youngest person there by a margin of decades, and one of very few males in attendance. To this day I find it a demonstration of severe ignorance whenever someone stereotypes pro-life activists as being mostly men. That has certainly not been my observation. I've been the only male in the room at an awful lot of meetings and activities.

I've stayed involved ever since. I was the treasurer of a provincial organization for a few years, and the treasurer for a local affiliate for several more (so far - I still hold the position).

Just to stick a pin into another stereotype, I'd like to point out that when I became a pro-lifer, I was definitely not a Christian. That came a few years later. While these days my faith certainly informs my position, I have never seen abortion as a primarily religious issue. To me it has always been a scientific and philosophical issue. A distinct human life clearly beings at fertilization (not conception, as commonly argued), and no one has any moral right to kill another without a truly compelling reason (self-defense, etc.).

I should address the obvious pro-abortion response that the mother's rights constitute a compelling reason. If the mother's life is in danger, then I'll agree with you. Tell you what: for purposes of this discussion, I'll grant you that those abortions are justified, free and clear. Now let's talk about the other 98% or so. I think this next sentence deserves to be set apart and bolded:

I've never heard an argument for abortion on demand (that is, for reasons other than to save the mother's life) that wasn't incredibly selfish, incredibly stupid, or both.

I'm trying to keep this brief, but that clearly isn't my forté.

I'll move straight to what brings this post about. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood (the largest provider of abortion in America), was a racist. She was an unabashed eugenicist, considered immigrants "human weeds", was a featured speaker at a Ku Klux Klan rally, and founded a major abortion promotion campaign called The Negro Project. Planned Parenthood venerate this vile woman to this day, hanging her picture in their offices.

There are plenty of sites where you can read lots of truth about Sanger. I've linked to a few in that last paragraph, but I really want to draw your attention to one that I found while researching this article: The Truth About Margaret Sanger. It's a terrific single-focus blog with lots of well-researched information and links. I highly recommend that you go check it out. I intend to spend some quality time in their archives over the next few days. My favourite part so far is a quiz where you try to guess whether a quote is from Sanger or a noted white supremacist.

There's one Sanger quote that comes up more frequently than any other when researching the issue of her racism:

"We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."
The bolded section is often held up as proof of her racism. I think it's a bad idea to use this one as such evidence, though (and there's plenty of better evidence available anyway). That quote can easily be interpreted as her saying not that she wants to exterminate blacks, but that she does not want (presumably false) rumours getting started that she has such intentions. Since that alternate interpretation is reasonably available, it will almost certainly get trotted out if you try to cite this passage in debate.

Besides, that quote has enough in it to offend decent persons even without the suggestion of race-based genocide. She is clearly saying that people should be manipulated by getting corrupt clergy to endorse Planned Parenthood's agenda. Any clergy who would go along with such evil clearly does not deserve the title of minister of Christ and should have the decency to stop profaning His name by claiming affiliation (yes, Misters Sharpton and Jackson, I'm looking at you).

A story has recently broken that demonstrates Planned Parenthood's continuing racist agenda. It's funny, but terribly tragic at the same time. Someone posing as a racist called a Planned Parenthood office and taped the call. I'll let the transcript (which I cribbed from WorldNetDaily, who have more background and commentary on it as well) speak for itself. I'll bold the funniest / saddest bit:

Actor: I want to specify that abortion to help a minority group, would that be possible?

Planned Parenthood: Absolutely.

Actor: Like the black community for example?

Planned Parenthood: Certainly.

Actor: The abortion – I can give money specifically for a black baby, that would be the purpose?

Planned Parenthood: Absolutely. If you wanted to designate that your gift be used to help an African-American woman in need, then we would certainly make sure that the gift was earmarked for that purpose.

Actor: Great, because I really faced trouble with affirmative action, and I don't want my kids to be disadvantaged against black kids. I just had a baby; I want to put it in his name.

Planned Parenthood: Yes, absolutely.

Actor: And we don't, you know we just think, the less black kids out there the better.

Planned Parenthood: (Laughs) Understandable, understandable.

Actor: Right. I want to protect my son, so he can get into college.

Planned Parenthood: All right. Excuse my hesitation, this is the first time I've had a donor call and make this kind of request, so I'm excited, and want to make sure I don't leave anything out.

I can't really add much to a Planned Parenthood executive (a vice-president of marketing) being "excited" about donors wanting to target specific ethnicities for extermination. If you don't get what's wrong with that, then I can't help you. If that's your situation, then I strongly recommend dropping to your knees and begging God to give you back the moral compass that you've lost somewhere along the path.

Enough rambling. Here's a blurry picture of my fridge and stove.

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Pregnancy - last I checked - is not a dread disease - Abortion is NOT a cure. The End