Sunday, March 23, 2008

Begging For A Lightning Bolt

Just a short update today. Well, and one quick, possibly blasphemous joke. We'll get to that.

A couple of days ago I started working on what I thought would be a relatively short straightforward entry, but it's spiralled out of control. Looks like it's going to make my Christmas and Easter rant look short and extemporaneous. I don't have an ETA on its completion at this point; I'll probably do a couple of shorter, easier ones instead while I work on it.

We gratefully subcontracted parental duties out to my parents for a couple of days, so on Saturday (yesterday) I slept in, visited my friends at Crave Manga to pick up some Magic: The Gathering cards (I haven't gotten to actually play a game in a very long time, but there's hope on the horizon - more on that another time), shovelled the driveway some more, went shopping as quickly as possible, then went to my parents' place for dinner, bringing the offspring back home afterwards.

Sunday (today) we started the day with an Easter egg hunt, ate breakfast at church (where we had seven baptisms and eight new members voted in), then dinner with my wife's parents.

I have to go back to work on Tuesday. In the meantime, I'm hoping to not even leave the house tomorrow.

On to the joke. That's why you paid your cover charge, after all.

Mark 6:3 tells us that Jesus was a carpenter. Do you suppose he ever hit his thumb with a hammer and took his own name in vain?

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of mast rigging.

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