Saturday, April 12, 2008

Demonoid Is Back!

Education Confrontation Part 2 is taking a while to coalesce. I'm well into its first draft, but it won't be up tonight and I won't work on it tomorrow (Sunday), so we're looking at Monday night or quite possibly later.

In the meantime, I received very good news from my old friend The Shoeless Wonder today: Demonoid is back!

Until it was forced out of operation last year, Demonoid had risen to the top of the file-sharing pyramid. Now it's back up and running, and all old accounts are still valid. My ratio was even intact when I logged in.

All the old torrents, many of which seemed to be lost forever when they went offline, are amazingly still active and seeded.

I've seen some speculation that it might be a trap - a honeypot set up by the MPAA / CRIA / RIAA / other thuggish dinosaurs. However, according to info on the Slyck forums, Demonoid is now hosted in the Ukraine and its domain name was registered in Brazil. Neither of those countries are renowned for draconian copyright legislation, and that would be an awful lot of hoops for the bad guys to jump through. If it was a honeypot, it's more likely we would see it back up with its former Canadian host and registration.

Disclaimer for any intellectual property law enforcement personnel who may be reading this: I, of course, would only ever use torrent technology to download Linux ISOs (I'm partial to Ubuntu) or public domain educational films from the 1950s. You can never be too prepared to duck and cover when the Reds start dropping bombs.

(While we're talking about filesharing, if anybody knows what's going on with JPGR, please fill me in.)

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of a pretty funny response to certain aspects of the current Canadian political climate. Thanks to Five Feet Of Fury (They could use your help. Click on the link for more info), where I cribbed this image.

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