Thursday, April 17, 2008

Post Delays And Placeholders

Sigh. I really do want to get back to my series about the big kindergarten introduction day. I also have a couple of other substantial pieces in the works (started, but not even all the way to a first draft). However, circumstances are not supporting those goals at present.

Over the weekend, Rueben got very sick. Rueben is my older computer, the one I use almost exclusively, including for pretty much all blogging. My newer one, Simeon, has a lot more gaming muscle, and so is pretty close to being a dedicated Neverwinter Nights station for my addicted wife. (Can anybody guess what my next computer will be named?)

I nursed Rueben back to health, but at the cost of a corrupted administrator profile and sundry other problems. The root cause was running *completely* out of space on the boot drive, to the point where the PC couldn't even load Windows. Suffice it to say that some boot disk tricks were required - and Rueben has no floppy drive.

Then, the last few days have been consumed with planning what happens with my son in the fall. I'll probably write about it at more length, but for now the summary is this: there was what seemed to be a very good development, then a major complication, and today we had what seems to be a very bad development. I have to qualify everything with "seems like" for the time being. I'll have more perspective later, but for now it's pretty chaotic.

Things would be so much simpler if my emotionally unstable critic was right and I wasn't concerned with my son's eduction....

Some of my close friends are also going through some pretty heavy health / family issues that make our little educational quandaries seem completely insignificant. And, I've been reading about a woman in New Brunswick whose life has been completely torn apart in the last couple of weeks. Go read the story if you want to both feel awful for someone and have your own troubles snapped into perspective.

All things considered, life is very good, but I can't predict exactly when I'll get to devote enough time to finish another large article. Soon, I hope. In the meantime, if I think of any more easy-to-type-up jokes, you'll be the first to know.

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of a mailbox.

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