Thursday, April 3, 2008

An Unfortunate Choice Of Words

Canada has recently seen a few incidents of controversial taser use by police. In true Canadian fashion, our national response has been to hold inquiries and generate reports (as opposed to actually doing anything). A major report on taser use from the RCMP came back with so much crucial information redacted as to make it virtually meaningless, which has stirred another round of controversy. (If people don't get satisfaction from these reports, we may have to pull out all the stops and appoint a commission!)

In an attempt to quell that controversy and put people's minds at ease, well... this got said (emphasis mine):

Insp. Troy Lightfoot, who helps oversee RCMP Taser use, would not speculate on why the reporting changes were made. But he stressed there are still ways to monitor stun guns and other uses of force.

"I can tell you that there are many accountability systems in place with regards to police actions. You have the courts, you have coroners' inquests, you have a multitude of oversight bodies.''
It's a huge relief to know that if I'm tasered to death by a police officer, the coroner's inquest will lead to my killer receiving a stern reprimand.

I strongly suspect that a lot of Insp. Lightfoot's recent conversations have featured someone saying "Troy! Not helping!"

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of the appliances I use to keep my upper and lower cupboards separated. Before I bought the microwave, I was frequently awakened by the racket of those cupboards slamming together. It was worth every penny.

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