Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Careful, You Could Put An Eye Out

Recently in the news....

It's always good when the police bust up a nest of criminals. This story, though, is especially reassuring to all peace-loving citizens. As always, the funny part is highlighted:

RCMP estimate they seized $250,000 worth of cocaine and marijuana during a raid on two Côte-Sainte-Anne homes Friday morning.

[Unfunny stuff in the middle snipped out]

While a large amount of drugs were seized, the number of weapons in the homes was surprising. Police recovered handguns, shotguns, an assault rifle with a bayonet attached, a high-powered rifle, a large number of knives and daggers, a crossbow, throwing stars, several swords and a walking stick with a sword hidden inside.

As happy as I am to hear that any criminals have been placed safely behind bars, it sounds like this was an especially dangerous gang. Apparently they were ninjas, the scariest criminals of all.

There are just too darn many ninjas prowling the streets these days. It's getting so that you can hardly go out for an evening stroll without taking along a couple of samurai bodyguards. Nice to see a few ninja drug dealers getting put behind bars where they belong.

Where they will probably be teased - perhaps even given wedgies - by the other convicts. Nobody likes a ninja. They're like the mimes of the underworld.

Seriously, throwing stars? What, was the Things 1980s Nerds Thought Would Make Cool Weapons But That Are Actually Really Lame And Useless store out of nunchucks?

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of my son herding goats.

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