Saturday, June 28, 2008

Criminal Mindlessness

I've long held that, for the most part, criminals simply aren't the smartest people. Let's look at this guy, for instance:

A host of child pornography-related charges have been laid against an employee at a school on a native reserve south of Calgary.

Turner Valley RCMP launched an investigation on June 13, after "questionable" photos were found near a printer, at Eden Valley School.
I can understand the logic of a pedophile seeking employment at a school. It's truly loathsome, but logical.The Child Protection Policy at my church has a preamble to the effect of, "Whereas we understand the possibility that predators may seek access to children through the children's programs at this church..." for exactly that sort of reason.

However, consider for a moment how dumb you would have to be, and how badly you must at least subconsciously want to get caught, to follow this process:

(A) Print out kiddy-porn pictures on the printer at work, then

(B) (This is the really dumb part) Leave them there to be found.

The fact that bad guys do stuff like this on a semi-regular basis gives me continued hope for the good guys.

Enough rambling. Here's another picture of a chain-link fence in closeup. And pants.

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HomeSchooler said...

Something that gets me is:

"Evidence included photos that were downloaded from the Internet as well as ones taken of girls under 16, both native and non-native."

What does the ethnicity of the victims have to do with anything? Is it worse to victimize "white" girls? Or maybe it's worse to victimize "native" girls. Then again, maybe some of the victims were black, or Jewish, and the reporter just missed that part!?

Victims, no matter ethnicity, are victims. Why divide them? They are all dealing with the same horror. I just don't see how it's relevant.