Friday, June 6, 2008

The Epitome Of Canadian Terrorism

Yes, these terrorism suspects were definitely Canadian. From an article talking about how wiretaps were used to eavesdrop on conversations between people who were allegedly (that word inserted for the lawyers in the audience) plotting to blow stuff up and cut off heads in the name of... I forget. Buddha, maybe? Anyway:

Another wiretap played in court Thursday featured a discussion on the possibility of being tortured. The conversation, in which one adult suspect says he'd rather kill himself than endure torture, ends when the car they're travelling in goes through a Tim Hortons drive-thru and the suspect orders a hazelnut smoothie.

"Yes, the filthy infidels must die... but, man, do they make a fine pastry!"

I really hope the reporter who prepared this story understands how funny that sentence is. I'd hate to think that it was intended as straightforward reporting of the facts.

It pains me not to correct the spelling in the quotation, but here at the House Of Zirbert we strive for authenticity. Note to reporters, editors, and signmakers everywhere: There is no such word as "thru." Inability - or unwillingness - to spell correctly is a move down the slippery slope toward illiteracy.

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of ducks eating from my wife's hand.


Janis said...

"Inability - or unwillingness - to spell correctly is a move down the slipperly slope toward illiteracy."

I agree completely, but couldn't find the word slipperly in my dictionary... haha!

Zirbert said...

Touché, and well done!

I'm going to quietly go fix that now....