Monday, June 23, 2008

Preschooler Astrophysicist

Cue theme music and opening titles.

ANNOUNCER: It's time once again for another exciting adventure of.... PRESCHOOLER ASTROPHYSICIST!

Scene: PRESCHOOLER ASTROPHYSICIST'S bedroom, nighttime. PRESCHOOLER ASTROPHYSICIST and DAD are sitting on the bed. PRESCHOOLER ASTROPHYSICIST is holding MISTER BEAR, whose scarf is missing.

DAD: Teddy bears don't just take their own scarves off. Where did you put it afterward?

PRESCHOOLER ASTROPHYSICIST gestures vaguely toward his bedroom floor. DAD looks around, but finds nothing.

DAD: Well, it's not there anymore. Do you suppose it grew legs and walked away on its own?

PRESCHOOLER ASTROPHYSICIST: No.... but maybe when the Earth spun around, it slipped into another room!

Announcer: Join us again next week for another thrilling installment of.... PRESCHOOLER ASTROPHYSICIST!

Cue closing titles & music.

Enough rambling. Here's another picture of a chain-link fence in closeup.

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HomeSchooler said...

Your offspring cracks me up!