Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Big League Do-Overs

Meanwhile, in Canada, three hockey teams who were decisively eliminated during the quarterfinal round of last spring's Stanley Cup playoffs have formed a coalition and demanded that the cup be taken from champion Detroit Red Wings and given to them instead.

The three losing teams argue that if they had cherry-picked the best players from each of their teams and formed one "superteam", they probably would have defeated the Red Wings. Furthermore, they point out, their combined game attendance and goals scored for the year far surpass the totals for the Wings (although each team's separate total is considerably lower), making it clear that hockey fans prefer their coalition to the team that actually won.

They have asked the NHL Commissioner to strip the Red Wings of the cup and give it to them to share. They are ready to assume the championship duties of, I don't know, standing around the Cup for pictures and maybe drinking something out of it, effective immediately. (I did as much research as I'm willing to in this area by looking up who the actual 2008 champs were.)

The Commissioner's response should be issued later this week; petulant losers across the country wait with bated breath, hoping that their dream of prestige without actual accomplishment will finally come true.

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of a Ghost Bride.

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