Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Back, And I'm Sick

I've returned safely from vacation. Unfortunately, I brought a really nasty cold back with me. It's making me wonder whether malaria is prevalent in Florida.

I'm planning on blogging my trip in some detail, probably on a basis of one daily longish entry per day of the trip. I took a lot of notes. Think of it as liveblogging with a time delay (mandated by the FCC ever since Sam Kinison and Richard Pryor liveblogged back in the eighties). Those entries will start whenever I finish writing them. I'd like to stick to the daily posting schedule, regardless of the delay time, so I'll wait until I've finished writing to make sure I don't slip and blow the schedule. I'll post other stuff in the meantime. Comics publishers, take note.

For the time being I'm staying home from work even longer than scheduled, subsisting on Buckley's (taken in carefully measured doses of One Swig, precisely every Whenever I Feel Like It), orange juice, and lots of various chicken-based soups. I find myself pining for the bar mitzvah I never had.

My son was sick for a long time before we even left, and is still showing symptoms. He seems to have been cursed with my constitution, so the slightest cold sets up shop in him for anything up to a couple of months.

Before we left, he got a prescription for a pretty potent cough medicine. I was at work when my wife gave him his first dose of it, and when I got home they were both frazzled. My wife studied veterinary medicine for a while, and knows how to administer oral medication to uncooperative farm animals. Turns out that the same techniques are effective with a five-year-old. He got his medicine, but it wasn't a peaceful scene.

After the ordeal, she asked him why he had been so difficult, since normally he takes medicine very easily. He pointed at the bottle, and said, "The label says it may cause drowsiness. It's daytime. I don't want to get sleepy!"

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of the moat project in my neighbourhood. On my monitor, this shot had a neat strobing effect on the bricks that I hope shows up in the posted copy. If not (and I don't think it will), then shake your head back and forth really fast while looking at it.

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RebelAngel said...

The bricks have some funky stripes I am sure are not there in reality, but no strobing. How sick are you, or how old is your monitor?

I am very sorry you are sick. I hope you all had a good trip anyway.

So, was there a little bit of weather -shock getting back to Canada after being in FL?

I remember the hubby and I went to St. Petersburg, FL in January, 1998. There was a sad-weather-reality-check when our plane landed afterwards, and we lived in north Alabama!

Get well soon!