Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good News For Pedophiles

Planned Parenthood, who are probably the most successful practitioners of genocide in all of history, have gotten busted a few times lately for violating actual laws (as opposed to violating basic principles of human decency, which is their raison d'etre). Don't bother checking your favourite mainstream news outlet for the stories; they were too busy polishing apples for Barack Obama for the last few months to bother working on any actual news, and would have wanted to cover this story up to spare their abortion-loving pals any embarrassment anyway.

Here's a summary of what happened (check out Lifenews stories like this one, this one, or this one for more detail). This played out twice, with only minor differences: a college age woman who looked younger went to a Planned Parenthood office. She told the staff that she was 15, and thought she was pregnant by her older boyfriend. In both cases, the ages given would make for clear-cut cases of statutory rape, which Planned Parenthood (and pretty much anyone else) is required by law to report to the police.

Instead, in both cases, PP (I'm tired of typing their full name) offered to help her solve her problems by (a) getting rid of the baby (of course), and (b) covering up the rape. Not only did they knowingly refuse to fulfill their legal obligations (PP staff acknowledged that the relationship was illegal), they explicitly advised the girl to lie to anyone else she told and enlist the rapist's help in procuring a surgical or chemical abortion (i.e., ask him to drive her to a clinic or obtain abortion pills for her).

In both cases, the young woman recorded the conversations, obtaining evidence that should be enough to have some people charged and a serious investigation begun into the conduct of this obviously criminal organization. Instead, it's all been brushed under the rug. Prosecutors in Indiana and North Carolina are apparently as gutless as mainstream journalists.

PP made a minor show of firing one of the employees who "counselled" the young woman, and we're all supposed to pretend that's enough. We're supposed to believe that these swine who believed themselves to be participating in ongoing child abuse - and were no doubt proud of it - were rogues, and their actions would never have been condoned by PP's higher-ups. Hogwash. Those clinic employees were doing exactly what they had been trained to do, and we all know it.

Here's the really good news for pedophiles, though. When asked why the case would not be pursued with an eye toward criminal charges, here's what the Indiana Department of Child Services had to say:

Steve Vaughn, director of the department, told the Indiana Daily Student newspaper that the agency will do nothing about the incident since a minor girl was not actually involved.

Got that? No actual minor involved means no charges.

That's amazingly good news for all those guys who thought they were arranging a "date" with a minor through an Internet chat room, but who learned when they showed up that they'd been chatting with an undercover cop or FBI agent. Until now, those people have been arrested and charged under various laws about child abuse and luring.

If I were one of their lawyers - well, first of all, I wouldn't be, because I still think their behaviour is reprehensible, but let's pretend. Start again.

If I were one of their lawyers, I'd be screaming from the rooftops that all charges against my client must immediately be dropped because there was never any actual minor involved. I would point to these cases as precedent, and send a nice thank-you note to Steve Vaughn's office.

That's how the rule of law works: if Planned Parenthood can get away with something, so can that creepy guy in the raincoat who's always hanging around Toys 'R' Us.


Enough rambling. Here's a picture of the lighthouse at the entrance to Sea World.

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