Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Male Mentality

Here's a transcript of a conversation I recently had with my son about the bedtime story he had selected. Looking at the cover of the book, I said, "I hope this story has monkeys in it." (It was a Clifford the Big Red Dog story which I already knew to be monkey-deficient.)

Him: "No, there are no monkeys in this story."

Me: "Too bad. Monkeys make any story better, don't they?"

Him: "No. Explosions."

The logical conclusion is that a book about exploding monkeys would be the most awesome bedtime story ever.

Enough rambling. Here's a picture of a topiary Mickey.


RebelAngel said...

The movie Jumanji has a monkey who fires a shotgun. That is as close as I can think of to exploding monkeys.

HomeSchooler said...

Could be better if the monkeys caused explosions rather than exploded themselves. After all, what would make a group of happy monkeys so mad they built and used explosives?